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Frequently asked questions

Q: what is jaytee industrial research and consultants(india)

A: jaytee industrial research and consultants (india) is a small  scale industrial research organisation registered with Government of india as MSME , and is an industrial research organisation with ISO 9001 -2008 certification.Jaytee industrial research and consultants (india) has exceedingly growing number of sucessful clients worldover who have started own small scale manufacturing units.the services and products are innovative , easy to acheive, economic and quickly availabale at its websites.In other words small scale product manufacturing training is given through documents, files, reports and ebook for ease and quickly online so that small scale technology transfer is affordable to common people across the globe.

Q: how is jaytee industrial research & consultants (india) managed ?

A: A large group of engineers, consultants, manufacturers, technicians, quality assurance personals and formulation experts are associated with jaytee industrial research and consulatnts (india) under leadership of Dr javid Ahmad Dar Ph.D, a 19 awards winner industrial consultant/active CEO of a manufacturing ccompany/technology writter/and engineer of jammu and kashmir state india. we gather information from above personal and from other means like books, thesises, research papers,internet and confrences etc.
we have our  quality control , inspection and testing laboratory at indistrial estate rangreth srinagar jammu and kashmir india.

Q. what are main technology transfer products and services offered by jaytee industrial research and consultants(india)

A:Our products and services 

jaytee industrial research and consultants provides small scale manufacturing technology transfer through fallowing digitally downloadable/through email receivable types of written stuff:

a) Formulation document files
    ( Formulation document files are meant for existing manufacturers who know nature of materials, who need formula and manufacturing process hints 

b) Technical know-how reports
     (Technical know-how reports are Meant for common man or new enterpreneurs who need thorough knowledge about each raw material in detail with 
       pics and reference addresses of suppliers ,step after step manufaturing process with do`s and do not`s ,pictures of machines etc .

c) Formulation e-books
    ( Formulations e-books are meant for new and existing manufacturers to start /compare formulas, raw materials, process,to find and upgarde 
      knowledge and skill)

d) Prefeasibility industrial  project reports
( these are new business set-up idea generation reports for making any new business venture planing, activity nature, market scope, need of land , building, machinary, skilled labour, electricity, machines, water, financial and economic analysis , and annual running cost with profit calculatting machanism is mentioned in the report as apatern of each particular venture type, which can be utilised to make own final plan before entering set-up)

e) Business start-up/business sucess ebooks
   Business start-up/business sucess ebooks are for new people who need to know procedure for registering of new venture and other aspects.

f) Manufacturing franchise 

  We jaytee industrial research & consultants (india) provide small scale manufacturing franchise for manufacturing various products in our Doctrz brand to clients world over, our francisee needs to deposit security, technical know-how fee and 2%-4% royalty on nett. profit after all unit running expenses/annum.we provide brand usage licence , manufacturing technical know-how report, and business promotion guidelines and updates on raw material and process to our clients under agreed terms of business.

g) Expert guidance and practicle guidance: we source experts to provide on-site practicle training to your staff at your place for big projects, for which we charge our sourcing fee.

h) Sample inspection :You can send your desired product sample , which you want to manufacture for our inspection , to our head office or laboratory, we charge nominal inspection  fee of USD 25 (INR 1500) , and if we are able to provide the same formulation we charge formulation cost only then.

Q: how can i receive any of  technology transfer (products) of jaytee industrial research and consultants(india)

A: You have choices to receive any of the product as under:

a) Can be received online from our websites from any where in globe , instantly and automatically 24x7x365 after online payment through secure payment
    system paypal.

b) Can be received as email attachment after remitting amount directly to our company bank account from any bank of world.(its just 10minute work at
    bank), after payment inform us, we will deliver purchased product as email attachment to your email, which you can print at your place.

c) You deposit amount to our company against our PAYPAl invoice with an online payable payment link , which we can send to your email from company,  you need to click the link to pay by credit card/debit card/netbanking or by your paypal account.
d) You can send us small amount through western union money transfer also, product will be sent as email attachment after payment is clear.
e) you can pay through crossed cheque deposited in our comapny account from any where,product will be sent as email attachment after payment is clear.

Q: how is jaytee industrial research and consultants (india) ,becoming most prefered ?

A: Our policy is clear , we offer technology transfer at lowest rates, at fastest speed,with no monthly or annual payable commisions or royalties and long
     term contracts.

Q: who can receive technology transfer documents, files, reports and ebooks from jaytee industrial research and consultants(india)?
Any one from any country of world can receive   technology transfer documents, files, reports and ebooks from jaytee industrial research and consultants(india) , we provide employement generation opportunities to one and all irrespective of caste, creed, color, region, religion, gender, race and language.
Q: what are company account details for direct cash deposit/TT/checque deposit/remittance ?



 Can i receive   technology transfer documents, files, reports and ebooks from jaytee industrial research and consultants(india) in physical form or in CD ?
A: yes On request , you can opt for print out copy or CD version of your purchased 
technology transfer documents, files, reports and ebooks from jaytee industrial research and consultants(india) on additional shipment /postage cost, and the same will be despatched to your given address by DHL or indian post.

Q: Does jaytee industrial research & consultants provide manufacturing franchise rights ?

A: Yes , we provide technology transfer technical know-how as well as manufacturing franchise licence for making various products in our owned registered trademark Doctrz , to deserious clients under terms and conditions.

Q:Can i track for products i purchased from jaytee industrial research and consultants afterwards ?
A: yes you can track and trace your purchased products from our websites after loging into your can request for re-fresh expired download also from our website.


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