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Todays hot offer is meant for encouragement of new clients and  our target acheiving purpose given only at times but todays hot offer is temporary and inconstant.

 Todays hot offer is valid for limited time and is a non-permanant offer ,

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No claims are entertained after todays hot offer is closed as its like a bird if you can catch , cath it the very movement its in reach of your hands.


Get 25 % DISCOUNT on the purchase of 2 or more than 2 products.

Wood Polish Sealer Coating Compound Formulation (for73)

$ 0

Tyer Puncture Sealing Inner Compound (for42)

$ 0

Indian Incense Stick (Agarbatti) Formulation Type11 (for125)
$ 0

Concrete waterproofing agent wax emulsion type (for188)

$ 0

Multipurpose hard Surface Cleaner Type A (for24)

$ 0

Silver Polish Liquid type 2 Formulation (for56)

$ 0

Formulation For Carnuba Wax Emulsion (for153)
$ 0

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