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Ways to receive

You can opt for any of the fallowing ways to receive our Product Technology transfer documents like,

Formulation ebooks,
Technical know-how reports,
Formulation ebooks, and
Business project reports,
Industrial project reports

1.  e-FORMAT INSTANTLY:You can  receive purchased product instantly as email attachment to your email address after purchasing online from our website, in addition to that a Order ID will be sent to your email address for your  purchase, which you can use to track and download your product from our website.This is instant way to get, so 99%+ people prefer this.

2. CD Form :You can tick CD form while purchasing product online from our website,and your product will be sent in CD form also to your  address through shipment/post .

3. PRINT OUT OF PRODUCT: You can receive a print-out copy through shipment/post to your address on additional cost on request.

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Automobile Knifing Paste Stoving Filler (for167)

$ 0

Varnish type 17 formulation (for426)
$ 0

Subterranean Termite Control Formulation (for82)

$ 0

Baby Oil Technical Knowhow Report (tnhr223)

$ 0

Lemon Juice Cream Making (for 237)

$ 0

Tile Adhesive Grey Formulation (for538)
$ 0

Masonry Primer Sealer Formulation (for467)

$ 0

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