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Refund Policy
we at jaytee industrial research and consultants india are committed to provide authentic technology transfer documents to our clients world over, if any of our clients faces any problem in receiving or downloading any the purchased products, he may inform us with the purchased product ID , which is generated with each purchased product automatically , we are committed to ensure sucessful  delivey of the product however we do not have any refund or replacement policy.


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KnowHow for Dhoop Sticks & Incense Material (tnhr77)
$ 500

Digestive tablet type 1(hzmola type Formulation) (for334)

$ 250

Aluminium Paint Formula (for461)
$ 250

Lemon Squash Formulation (for366)
$ 250

Vaselene Type White Petrolium Jelly (for165)

$ 250

High PVC Interior Emulsion Paint(White) (for469)

$ 250

Special Thinner Making Wood Sealer Compound (for76)

$ 250

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